Thank you for visiting my Hot Thermometers site. I hope you find the thermometer information useful.

Thermometers have always been part of my life, from using infrafred thermometers in my workplace, which i might add are great fun to use, to using cooking thermometers in the kitchen with my Mom. She was a great cook and big on using cooking thermometers, whether it was a candy thermometer or a thermometer for the roast.

I have continued the tradition in the kitchen now using the latest digital thermometers for my candy and cooking. My kids love being involved also.

On kids I find my fever thermometer priceless for keeping track of their temperature.

Anyway i really hope you enjoy my site and find the thermometer information useful.

All the best,


Oh and I should mention my husband thinks he is a bit of a BBQ and smoking master so he has his own meat thermometer.